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 McConnell Brain Imaging Centre

At the MNI, the Brain Imaging Centre represents a unique environment in Canadian neuroscience. Nowhere else does there exist a confluence of neuroscientific and physical science disciplines oriented solely toward brain research. A core of 10 researchers conduct independent research with high technology brain scanners and sophisticated computational analysis. The program emphasizes quantitative 3D investigation of brain structure and function. Brain structure is imaged using Positron Emission Tomography (PET), Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (MRS) or functional MRI. Overall, the BIC comprises some 60 people and is by far the largest group of its kind in Canada and one of the three largest in the world.

The BIC maintains a strong and rapidly developing linkage with the clinical research and basic research communities within the Institute and around the world. The multi-disciplinary nature of the BIC environment has fostered a multitude of collaborations other McGill researchers in Biochemistry, Physiology, Computer Science, Mathematics, Electrical and Biomedical Engineering. The position of the BIC within the Canadian setting was recently emphasized by the award of an $8.1 million MRC special project to the PET group. The Imaging group holds a number of major grants from the American National Institute of Health, notably a $5 million award from the Human Brain Map Project, jointly held with the University of California (UCLA) and University of Texas.